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A General Explanation of SHEN CHUAN, MARTIAL SCIENCE:


Shen Chuan is a striking, locking, throwing art conceived and refined by Professor Joe Lansdale. Lansdale formed his system based on a lifetime of study in a number of martial arts. Major components are the concepts and principles of MODERN KENPO, and KOREAN HAPKIDO, but Professor’s Wally Jay’s unique approach to JU-JITSU is also a vital element in the development of the system, as is the influence of AIKIDO and AIKIJITSU, as well as numerous styles of Gung Fu, Judo, wrestling, boxing, Thai boxing, American Kick Boxing, Arnis, Jeet Kune Do, Dim Mak principles, and many others. In 1996, Lansdale began to call his teachings LANSDALE’S SELF-DEFENSE SYSTEMS, and the specific art of his creation, Shen Chuan.


SHEN CHUAN is not a random hodge-podge of techniques, but a careful blending of concepts and principles that allows the Shen Chuan student to hit hard and rapidly, while flowing over and around his attacker’s advances and injecting locking, balance disruption, throwing and pinning. In fact, Shen Chuan is characterized by THE FLOW. The system, unlike most, is designed to fit the student, instead of the student being forced to fit the system. This makes for an effective Self Defense system for all ages.


Our motto is “Hit Hard… hit fast… go to the house!”.

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