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Shen Chuan C.Q.T. (Close Quarters Tactics)

The purpose of the CQT class is to teach an individual how to effectively and efficiently stage and employ their hands, tac light, knife and firearm against many types of close quarter attacks. The student will also be instructed in the combat mindset required to deal with a violent close quarters assault before, during and after the assault.


The training will be safe yet realistic so the student will gain confidence in their ability to deal with violent confrontations. All training will be conducted in a controlled manner with training weapons. Live weapons will NOT be used at any time in the training.

We will provide two forms of instruction. Seminars and a weekly class. The seminars will be two days, giving a general overview of the material covered in the full weekly class. Taking the seminars will give a student things to think about and practice on their own. The weekly class will go into greater detail with the opportunity to practice on a regular basis and achieve levels of ability. The details of the material covered in the seminars and the class are posted on their respective pages.

Firearms Training

Appropriate firearms training is a must to be able to employ your weapon systems effectively and safely. We partner with two schools that provide the highest quality in firearms instruction.


CSAT (Combat Shooting and Tactics)

We recommend training at CSAT (Combat Shooting and Tactics) with Paul Howe and his cadre in Nacogdoches, TX. Paul offers a simple, combat proven methodology for the employment of a firearm. Not only does Paul have the experience and knowledge of tactical firearm employment he is a gifted instructor.

There are plenty of other effective trainers out there but they are not in our back yard so to speak. Many of them aren’t the full package either. That is, full of knowledge and experience and able to pass it on effectively to civilians.


Recommended Civilian Classes at CSAT:

  • Basic Level

  • Tactical pistol operator

  • Tactical rifle operator

  • Citizen response to active shooters

  • Urban defense I

  • Advanced Level

  • Advanced individual tactics

  • Urban defense II

  • Extreme pistol

Valor Ridge

If you are close to Harrogate, TN area we recommend Valor Ridge and Reid Henrichs.


Valor Ridge is a firearms training school offering handgun and rifle training. They have a pistol range and several rifle ranges that span from 3 yards to over 600 yards.

Reid Henrichs founded Valor Ridge in 2015 after he was inspired philosophically, ethically, and morally to do so with the purpose of forging the past with the present, focused on student competency and purpose.  His vision for Valor Ridge is to provide practical, life-saving training for students in an environment that is professional, encouraging, and full of fellowship. Valor Ridge fuses proven fundamentals with attitude, marksmanship, and purpose. 

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